Friday, 3 August 2007

Our summer garden (Ο καλακαιρινός κήπος)

This was our summer garden in 2007. Click here to see our 2008 garden.

COURGETTE (top left hand corner in photo)

courgette vlita and cheese pie (can be frozen uncooked)
boiled vlita, stifno, courgettes and new potatoes
courgette fritters
courgette patties
courgettes, string beans, potatoes and haricot beans stewed in tomato sauce courgette minced into mincemeat
courgette, potato and Cretan cottage cheese pie (can be frozen uncooked)

aubergine fritters
aubergine dip
baked aubergine slices
moussaka (can be frozen cooked)
stuffed aubergines with mince (can be frozen uncooked)
stuffed aubergines with rice (frozen as shells)

STIFNO I remember my mother gathering this (also known as deadly nightshade) in Pirie St park. It is eaten in Turkey, too. The weed growing to the far right of the stifno is purslane, which we know as glistrida in Crete. The small plant in the middle of the stifno and glistrida is a late-growing dandelion.

10-things salad (tomato, pepper, onion, cucumber, olives, feta, olive oil, vinegar, salt, oregano)
stuffed bell peppers with rice

VLITA The Maori of New Zealand call wild greens such as this one puha. It is also known as amaranth.

TOMATO (1-month and 3-month-old) stuffed tomatoes with rice (can be frozen as shells)
fried green tomatoes, salad

tomato puree (can be frozen alone, or with parsely, mint, onion, oregano, cumin, salt and pepper for stuffed vegetables with rice)


10-things salad

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