Saturday, 29 September 2007

Mango lassi (Ρόφημα με μάνγκο)

Lassi is a kind of yoghurt drink originating in Asia. Milk is added to make it runny, and honey and/or spices are added for taste. I checked out a range of lassi recipes on the web (Jamie Oliver, elise, indiasnacks, bbc) and found that they all contained runny yoghurt and milk, the remaining ingredients all being a matter of individual taste. I enjoyed the drink in a Pakistani restaurant in London, but it didn't seem to taste the same in my own home. I tried making it with some tinned mango pulp, but it didn't taste that spectacular. Another time, I made it with fresh mango pulp from imported mango; very nice indeed, but I wouldn't say any more genuine. I wonder what the difference is between the yoghurt used in Asia and the runny Greek cow's milk yoghurt (a local variety produced in Crete) that I used. I could taste the tangy flavour of the mango (unlike with the canned variety). It made a refreshing breakfast. I whizzed the ingredients (along with some honey to sweeten it) in a blemder, and put the drink in the fridge. We have a mango tree of our own in one of our fields in the village - it gave us two mangos this year. For the sake of mango lassi, I hope it prospers.

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