Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Omeletta (Ομελέττα με πατάτες - frittata)

Here is our favorite egg and potato dish. We call this omelette, even though it is nothing like the original French version which the dish gets its name from. It's more like a Spanish frittata. Whatever you call it, it's more elegant than simple chips and fried eggs. My husband swears by frying chips in a conventional frying pan under a gas elelment for more flavour; we never use a friteusse (the little vat-type deep-fryer that sits on a kitchen benchtop covered in grease until spring-cleaning time), although it is handier than a frying pan, in that it doesn't spit out oil over your benchtop.

Fry some salted, chipped potatoes till they are done to your liking. Some people like them well-fried, others prefer them softer. I'm for somewhere in the middle. Drain them in a bowl. Remove all the oil except a light film covering the bottom of the frying pan (we never use a deep-fryer). Add some greens of your choice - I added julienned green and red pepper - and return the potatoes to the pan. Pour 2 beaten eggs over the chips and let the egg cook on the bottom of the pan. When it is ready, slide the omelette onto a large plate, and place it into the pan once again upside down to cook the other side of the omelette. I'm not a perfect pancake flipper, but I can manage this to a reasonable level. When it is done, slide it out of the pan onto the plate you used to flip it over. Serve it with a salad, and some good quality sausages (saveloys were my favorite in New Zealand - we buy them here from LIDL).

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Scrambled eggs with wild mustard greens
Potato salad
Wild asparagus omelette