Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Onion soup (Κρεμμυδόσουπα γαλλική)

It's very cold today; not freezing in European terms, just very cold. Good soup weather, if you ask me, but since we ate fried young cod yesterday with lentil soup, I don't really want fish soup, or traditional Greek meat soup for that matter, which is madein exactly the same way as fish soup, except that fish is replaced with chunks of beef. To make matters worse, Greek beef tends to be tough and stringy - we are a nation of meat-eaters, but we don't raise good meat. Greeks aren't very creative in terms of their soups unfortunately, so I've gone for something French today, my favorite, onion soup. The recipes online (try elise and delia) all use roughly the same ingredients, with the same cooking style: caramelise thinly sliced onions in a saucepan, then add white wine, beef stock and seasonings. Let the soup simmer away till it takes on a golden brown colour. Enjoy it with some crusty bread topped with grated cheese, grilled on top of the soup, and a glass of white wine. A good stomach warmer, and a simple meal.

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