Friday, 21 December 2007

Making a dog's dinner of your food (Φαγητό για τον σκύλο)

We never buy mass-produced canned or dried food for Aka. She is fed on our own leftovers, as well as a weekly pot of boiled bones and scrap meat (available free from the butcher), and rice and macaroni boiled in the stock from the bones. In the summer, she needs less food than in the winter, because hot weather makes her lethargic. When there is an excess of aubergines in the garden, because they do not freeze as well as other summer vegetables (unless they are cooked in a meal, and then frozen), I chop them up into large chunks, put them in a saucepan, pour some old cooking oil over them (which I've cooked fish in twice, and now it's gone smelly and rancid - I store it in a jar under the sink) and cook this for the dog. I add macaroni and rice to the saucepan towards the end of the cooking and top it up with the required water.
When it's all cooked, I let it cool down and place it in a tupper container with a lid in the refrigerator. I scoop out just enough for each day, and never cook more than is needed for a week. When something is freshly cooked with fresh ingredients, it does not go off in the fridge. This cooking does not require a great effort and ensures that nothing is wasted or thrown out inadvertently.

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