Sunday, 13 April 2008

I am not a cook... (Δεν είμαι μάγειρας...)

Sometimes I'm just bowled over at what my food blogging friends manage to churn out in their quests for culinary excellence: olive pasties, potato cabbage pie, parmesan basil chicken, almond-crusted shrimp... who would have thought of such concoctions, who would've dreamt of such combinations? Only a master chef, I would believe...

I'm more of the food-blogging-is-a-hard-thing-to-do type. If I post a new blog, it's bound to have a funny food story attached to it, rather than the most amazing, original wow-she-can-cook kind of recipe. As a mother of two young children cooking for six people on a daily basis, I often have to have a meal ready on the table for hungry busy people. I may be in the kitchen all day, but only because I have to be, rather than want to be, and after all that effort I put into cooking, I end up eating my meal standing up while I'm cooking and tasting it (except when I have lunchtime English lessons - I can't eat at all then until I return home in the evening). I don't take part in foodblog events, because I don't have enough time to create new recipes, and I daren't make even slight variations to my regular recipes for fear of confusing or putting off my regular eaters, who are going to have to eat that meal. We cook to eat here, not to dazzle!

The meals I cook tend to reflect the kind of food that everyone expects to eat, even if it's not their favorite meal, or they'd rather have something else. I cook the same kinds of food on a weekly basis: one week, we'll have fakes, the next week fasolada, the following black-eyed bean soup, while the next it's fakes again. There's a staple pita on a weekly basis, as well as a pizza. I'm more of a 'this is what I cooked, and this is what you're gonna eat' type of mama. And if there are any 'but-I-don't-like-it' dissenters, there's only bread dipped in oil as an alternative, something which many people survived on during the second world war, according to my mother-in-law. The minute you start offering alternative meals, they won't eat the ones you originally cooked. (very bad way to raise children, if you ask me.) I really can't wait till the children are old enough to prepare their own meals. And I would love to have a meal prepared for me some time.

That's why I was bowled over when Maggie awarded me an E for Excellent award when she saw my spiral leek pie - which wasn't my recipe in the first place (it was Laurie's)!

Thank you everyone for appreciating my efforts!