Monday, 7 April 2008

Leek spiral pie - strifti (Πρασόπιτα στριφτή)

When I initially started recording my recipes on my food blog, I thought nobody would notice. A few months later, what wonderful food-blogging friends I have made and delicious recipes I have read about.

Here is Laurie's prasopita (leek pie), made as a spiral pie (strifti pita). The recipe calls for thin sheets of filo (phyllo) pastry, leeks, onions, feta cheese and eggs. I substituted the local mizithra for the feta. It can be turned into a lenten pie if you omit the eggs and cheese. The recipe can be found on her page, while the spiral form of the pie was my idea. I brushed it with copious amounts of olive oil - absolute heaven!

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