Sunday, 1 June 2008

Edible flowers (Εδώδιμα λουλούδια)

By now, faithful readers of my blog will know that I have planted zucchini in the garden, picked and stored the zucchini flowers, turned them into dolmadakia to cap oven-cooked yemista, fried them with Italian-style filling and stuck them in a green-onion pie.

I now present to you dolmadakia zucchini flowers cooked in the pot. If ever there was a competition for a beautiful dish, this one would surely give others a good run for their money.

The zucchini flowers were collected over a period of two weeks. They stored marvellously well in the fridge in a plastic bag, one flower stacked inside the other. I gave them a quick rinse just before stuffing them, stacked them in two layers over a bed of fennel weed, and let them cook as long as the rice needed to be cooked.


To serve them, let them cool down because they might break up when you try to pick ladle them out if they are too hot. Accompany them with Georgia's tzatziki or just plain yoghurt, and a green salad. Heavenly ambrosia!

And for some more beautiful food flowers, I give you the overgrown artichoke - edible only before its thistly stage. But its dazzling purple flowers are worth resisting the temptation to eat them all (with or without broad beans or carrots).


Recently, one of my fellow blogger cooks gave me an award for good blogging, so I am dedicating this post to her. Thank you Laurie.

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