Thursday, 24 July 2008

Fresh from the farm (Ολόφρεσκα)

The little laughing olive tree
had a small request for me:
"I notice you have grown in excess -
could you send it over ex-press?"

fresh garden summer produce

I picked it in the afternoon
and piled it in a crate
with two layers of oranges
to add a bit of weight.

I placed a bag of vlita greens
on top of all the crop
so no one will confuse it with
salata zonianon.

vlita amaranth

The little laughing olive tree
is not that keen on horta;
I hope she has the decency
to give it all to Thia.

If you can come to pick it up,
it's not a lot of tarry;
all you have to do, you see,
is take it from the ferry.

the ferry boat

The supermarket and laiki
all sell goods labelled "Made in Crete";
the little laughing olive tree
will get them all pesticide-free.

Should there be spots on the bell peppers,
it's not a bad thing, please;
we sprayed them with UHT milk
to get rid of disease.

Aubergines and zucchini
have also filled the coffer;
the little laughing olive tree
may wonder "Why no t'maters?"

I don't mind giving away veg
for there are plenty of them,
but as for those excess tomatos
I make a good job of them...

storable tomato sauce

An excess bunch of juicy grapes
is also not included;
they're not ripe just at this moment -
but you'll eat them in August.


And don't forget about the crate;
you know we want it back,
for how do you think I'll send off
the next excess we have?

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