Thursday, 17 July 2008

No more room at the inn (Είμαστε πλήρης)

(poem dedicated to all my regular readers - you know who you are, and I'm humbled to be meeting up with so many)

I woke up this morning
and what did I see?
Some garden-fresh vegetables
looking at me.

fresh garden summer produce

How did they come in?
I heard them not knock.
They came univited,
it was such a great shock.

Alas, I can't bear it
no longer herein,
for, as you can see,
there's no room at the inn.

no more room at the inn

No more room at the inn
and it's only July,
we still have two more
summer months to fly by.

farmer jim

No more room at the inn,
I beg you to come;
I'll cook up a treat
you'll enjoy in the sun.

Boureki, moussaka,
imam baldi,
tzatziki, hohlious,
and horiatiki.

I'm waiting to see you,
I'll greet you in Greek:
Kalos orisate!
Kali orexi!

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