Thursday, 3 July 2008

Sunny side up (Αυγά μάτια)

Pinpricks lost in a vast territory

Newly emerged from virgin ground
Mounds as flat as
pancakes and sunny side ups
Hiding inside frills and stripes and
polka dots
Rockets rigid ready for lift off

Lipstick tips with a rotten apple point

Vanilla ice-cream balls with a cherry on the top, bathing in a sea of chocolate sauce
Soft serve waves with a chocolate M&M
Jumping jigglers playing tennis on the beach
Juicy watermelons ready to be picked
Freckly faced like spotted dick
Avocado pears split open lengthwise
Over-ripe, sagging, waiting to drop off
Spilling forth from undersized cups

As red as beets with the root nipped in the bud

Upside down mountains with dusty peaks
Excess sponge flab on a hairy chest

Young and old
Touched untouched
All worshiping the same yellow god
Exposed for all to see.

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