Friday, 1 August 2008

Staycation dining (Το σπιτοδιακοπίστικο μαγειρίο)

It's August (καλό μήνα - have a good month, as the Greeks say), and it's about time I went on vacation, which traditionally means something like getting away from one's familiar surroundings - in my case, clear blue sunny skies, sandy shady beaches, foreign food (if that's what Cretan food is to you) and nightlife at the old port - with a break away in some exotic place in the world - which means Crete for many Northern Europeans - which offers - you guessed it - sunny skies, sandy shady beaches, foreign food and nightlife by the water's edge, all of which supposedly stresses you out in its planning stages and burns holes in your pockets, with a bout of jet lag each way.

staycation balcony lunch vamvakopoulo hania chania

Vacation or staycation, it's all the same to me...

(exotic food: Greek salad, boureki, yemista, all offered under a sunny sky in Hania, three kilometres away from the water's edge - the ferry port would be visible if we chopped down the tree)