Monday, 1 September 2008

The colours of Fournes: September green

September in the village of Fournes is a time of reckoning: did last season's oranges do well? are the olives ready for oil production? It is also a time of renewal: the rusty orange colours give way to fresh green leafy shades; the new orange and olive crops have started to set in. The new fruit looks so fresh, so young, like a newborn baby, maturing slowly with the help of the elements. Valencia oranges only take on their familiar colour after Christmas, and aren't edible until well after Easter.

orange tree fournes hania chania

The greenery is accentuated by the green shutters, doors and windows of the white houses, the shady vine leaves in the front yard, the potted plants in the old aquamarine painted containers that have been given a new lease of life as plant holders. The river gleams of green slime growing on its surface beneath its more stagnant parts, surrounded by lush foliage.

green shutter fournes hania chania olive tree fournes hania chania green gate fournes hania chania
pot plants fournes hania chania crates fournes hania chania vine fournes hania chania
keritis fournes hania chania house fournes hania chania keritis fournes hania chania

is an evergreen village; most trees never lose their green colour all year round. The deciduous trees are difficult to glimpse, as they are hidden from view, making one believe that spring turns into summer, and summer turns into spring, while winter makes a rare appearance. As you drive along the main road, a sea of green starts to swallow you into its girth, with a wide range of hues according to the species of tree. The silvery teal of the olive tree contrasts starkly against the emerald green of the orange trees.

sea of green fournes hania chania

Summer can be a long hot period of seemingly little action in the field. In a few weeks from now, the olive production will start, bringing on the sounds of the people and the machines involved in this activity.

(This is the second in a monthly series of colour and texture studies based on the village of Fournes, an orange and olive producing area in Hania. The idea is based on an inspiration from the work by
Calliope in her Spectral Studies series.).

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