Friday, 26 September 2008

Our kitchen (Η κουζίνα μας)

A lot of people showed great interest in my response to the NY Times article on the Mediterranean diet. Thanks for the positive feedback. Here's my kitchen (on a good day):


And here's what we keep posted on our kitchen wall:

(a map of Europe dated 1897; a map of modern Europe; the school calendar; the many wonders of the world - not just the ancient seven; the food pyramid)

I'm sure this is just a normal way to educate children in the Western world. In Greece, you will often be asked if the paint comes off the walls when you take the posters down, and how easy it is to wipe away the sellotape or gum tack marks.

"How should I know?" I reply. "I've never taken them down!"

We welcome all donations of educational posters...