Monday, 24 November 2008

Greengrocer (Μανάβικο)

I just came back home after having spent 436 euro on next year's road taxes for my car, our pick-up truck, and my husband's taxi. While I was there, I saw:

hunger strikers protesting against the lengthy delays in trying to get the green card to work legally in Greece (you can read about their cause here and here)...
hunger strike hania chania

... public employees (the most privileged sector of Greek society) trying to be reimbursed for their medication because the pharmaceutical unions refuse to supply the state with medication for people receiving such a benefit, as they (the companies belonging to the unions) have not been reimbursed by the state for their services for the last three years (and they'll be paying for doctors' visits from now on too for the same reasons - doctors haven't been reimbursed by the state for the medical care they provided to them since the beginning of the year - read more about it here)...
public servants hania chania

... economic migrants waiting to get lucky by being picked up for one or two days' worth of temporary work, either in construction or in the agricultural sector (the local TV station reporters were asking people on the street what they thought about this situation, as it is a regular daily sight in our town, not a one-off, nor is anything done about it by the state, eg round-ups of illegal immigrants by the police to keep them off the street)...economic migrants hania chania

... and this lovely greengrocer's shop, located in the town centre on a quiet side street across the road from where the economic migrants were waiting to be picked up.
greengrocer hania chania

Isn't it a beautiful sight? It makes you forget about what is happening across the road.

The owner of thegreengrocery has parked two pick-up trucks in front of it, to advertise his produce. Apart from these luscious greens, he also sells other fresh produce and general grocery items inside his store where the cashier is also located, and keeps packed crates all over the sidewalk, leaving us just enough leg space to pass by and admire his wares.

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