Thursday, 6 November 2008

Winter stock-up (Εφοδιασμός για το χειμώνα)

Just the other day I was featured on the Daily Random Food blogs in The Foodie Blogroll. I'm wondering whether the name of my blog is misleading some people to think that I only use organic ingredients in my cooking, and the answer is, no, of course not, as I believe that is impossible.

Organically Cooked isn't all about eating organically; sometimes it's more convenient to eat local than organic food. And it isn't all about food, either; it's a way of life that tries to keep one attuned to nature rather than consumerism. The recent economic crisis has made me wonder how much I can economise even more than what I was doing before it hit the world.

Tomato sauce...

tomato paste for the winter

... cured olives...

tsakistes olives for the winter

... onions and garlic (I particularly liked the arrangement I recently saw in a shop in Hania)...

winter stock up hania chania

... garden produce: our harvest at the end of October, sitting on the most popular car model in Greece...

late october autumn harvest

... and some drying herbs.

drying herbs

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