Sunday, 7 December 2008

Marinated pork chops (Πικάντικες χοιρινές μπριτζόλες)

The little laughing olive tree
came to Crete and cooked for me.
While I went about my weekend chores,
she rampaged on my kitchen floors.

pork chops ala little laughing olive tree

When I asked her 'Whatcha cookin?'
She exclaimed: 'It's what you're lookin'.
"I just wondered if you please,
will my husband eat any of these?"

Come dinner time the kitchen smelt
as if a fire had been put out,
with mustard and some Worcestershire sauce,
a bit of onion chopped up coarse.

little laughing olive tree lunch

"What's for salad?' she insisted.
"I't's cooking now," I promptly answered.
She doesn't know my eggplant pizza,
but now she's here, I'm gonna teach 'er.

I picked the last tomatoes growing
and some peppers green as string beans,
and with the omelette that was leftover,
that made our lunch one of the best ever.

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