Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Everything is possible (Τα πάντα γίνονται)

If you ask a child what s/he would like to eat as a birthday meal, what do you think most would answer? Mine had a hard time thinking about it, possibly because he's not really a much of a gourmet. He doesn't give a toss about what he eats as long as it's not green on the outside; for example, he doesn't do peas, but he's happy to munch on spinach pie. So when he saw me making fennel pies, he decided he'd have some of that.

birthday meal

The one thing he knew he definitely wanted was lentil soup. He could have that every day of the week. He even had it on Easter Day once when he was very little, because at that time, he didn't like chewing on meat. His sister is much more refined in her choices; she like Ratatouille Remy's soup, which I often make (aka leek and potato potage). Luckily, there was some left over from a previous meal.

When children are used to eating home-made food, they come to think of their everyday meals as festive meals. So I needn't have bothered adding the french fries to the menu (cooked in olive oil, naturally), but I was tempted because I (and only I) felt that the meal didn't look festive enough, probably because it didn't contain pizza, pasta and hamburgers...

Never mind. We enjoyed it all, including my famous squidgy chocolate cake. Yum-yum.

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