Monday, 9 February 2009

Ravioli with simple parsley pesto (Ραβιόλι με γρήγορο πέστο μαϊντανό)

The day I cooked Diana Abu-Jaber's fried chicken livers, my children also asked me to make them some home-made fettuccine. They are wonderful eaters when they see me preparing the food, so I thought I'd turn the pasta into ravioli this time, as the inspiration had come to me from Food Junkie, who was also my inspiration for making my own pasta.

pureed fried chicken liver ravioli pureed fried chicken liver ravioli
Follow cupcake's instructions to make the ravioli shapes.

My meat stuffing was some of the fried chicken liver, mashed up in a blender. The children also helped me to make these (hence the reason why some of them opened), which is probably why they enjoyed eating them.

pureed fried chicken liver ravioli pureed fried chicken liver ravioli

When I served them up, my son asked me if I "had any of that green stuff they put on macaroni at MAICh". He had tried pesto for the first time at my workplace. As he is a terrible greens eater, I thought this was my chance to get him to eat this colour without it being hidden, so I speedily produced a parsley-garlic-olive oil pesto. I don't think I've ever produced a pasta sauce so quickly: I did it for health reasons. If you want to see your kids eating healthy food, you have to put them in the picture!

chicken liver ravioli with parsley garlic pesto

You need:
a few sprigs of parsley
1 clove of garlic (I use our own garden-grown garlic, which grows smaller and spicier than what I can buy from stores, which, would you believe it, is imported from China!!!)
4 tablespoons of olive oil (remember, this is going to make a single-serve sauce which doesn't have many other liquids in it)
salt to taste

Put all the ingredients in a blender and puree them. If they don't puree easily, add some water. hey presto, you've got your pesto!

Pour your pesto over a plate of hot pasta of your choice - you don't need to make it yourself!

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