Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bagels (Κουλούρια)

(Here's a discussion I overheard this morning at a popular bakery mid-town while I was buying koulouria: the speaker is the shop owner.)

koulouria from the bakers

"... we shouldn't be a part of the rest, we don't owe them, they owe us, now that water has become a precious resource and we've got plenty of it and don't even use it all for ourselves, water's going to become the resource, pretty soon it'll be more expensive than petrol. The rest of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean are already turning into desert, and here we are living in an undiscovered paradise. And what are we doing about it? Are we acting on our independent status? No! We're just playing the pawn of the big shots up north, that's what we're doing! And what are we gaining by serving the rest of the country instead of looking after ourselves? I'm telling you, Crete shouldn't be a part of the rest, it should be a Malta, that's what i think..."

So that's a slice of life this morning in the little resort town of Hania that is slowly waking up from its hibernation, getting ready for the tourist season, which is going to start later this year due to the economic crisis; it's believed that Hania will suffer the least from the recession than other parts of Crete.

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