Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fish (Ψάρι)

Whenever I had errands to run in town, I park my car on the outskirts of the city centre and make my way into the town. The first shops I come across are the fishmongers. I can never pass a fishmonger's without stopping to take a look. I probably owe this fascination of mine to the fact that my parents owned a fish and chip shop in New Zealand; we didn't sell fresh fish, but my father would often bring home fresh seafood when he ordered or picked up supplies for the shop

fishmongers hania
(the big white sign says: 'Ahini from Hania')

The prices are forbidding, even at the best of times, which should be now during an economic recession; no chance of a cheap find here, unless you don't mind buying some pickarel at 6 euro a kilo. I chose European hake (hidden from view by the man's hand on the right), called 'bakaliaraki' in Greece (but probably not related to the codfish, as the word 'bakaliaros' suggests); 16 euro a kilo: 7 medium sized fish for 22 euros. I also wanted some of the contents of the little white pots and glasses in the centre of the display, but at 15 euro a punnet, sea urchins (ahini) are not cheap.

We had fried fish for lunch today, to go with leftover fasolada.

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