Sunday, 22 March 2009

Other people's foods: Delicious snacks (Μικροφαγητά)

I was making my regular once-a-week pizza installment which inspired me to make a delicious snack with some of the leftover dough. This moreish finger food can also be tailor-made for everyone's tastes. I found the basic recipe from Maya who lives in the beautiful Ljubljana of Slovenia. She cooks like a pro and is very creative food-wise. Her recipes look mouth-watering: check them out for yourself.

mini pizza snacks

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Maya uses a bread dough to make these 'bocconcini', as Maya calls them. I used Laurie's basic ladenia pizza dough and filled the cookie-size rounds with:
  1. spinach kalitsounia mixture
  2. Alaskan salmon using Maya's basic recipe (replacing sour cream with Greek strained yoghurt)
  3. cheese and salami
I lost count of how many I ate, just like when I eat crisps. They went like hotcakes.

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