Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Agora in Hania (Η Αγορά των Χανίων)

The central market of Hania, the Agora, is one of the most enticing places to shop for food.

The entrance to the Agora of Hania can be seen on both photos from inside and out.

Here, you will find everything needed to cook Cretan food, including all the recipes that I have included in my blog. It's also a good place to seek out locally inspired presents to take back home, plus the usual array of bric-a-brac souvenirs seen around most of the country.

agora market agora market
A selection of mountain teas, spices and dried dessert figs, honey and locally made sweets. The knives are symbolic of the island of Crete and are often inscribed with mantinades.

agora market
Feeling hungry? The eateries at the Agora use the freshest ingredients; they open only during the day and never, never on a Sunday (as the song says).

agora market agora market
Need some bread? Too tired to make muffins? Run out of cheese? Tempted into cooking fish?

Whether you came to Hania as a tourist or you live here, you'll need to come to the Agora at some point to buy certain food products if local cuisine and cooking techniques are your priority.

Everything, from souvenirs and packaged dry goods, to fresh products like olives and cheese.

I use it at least once every three weeks for most of my specialised local product needs. These photos were taken last year, but they are timeless: if you go into the Agora now, you'll find that the photos are very representative of what's happening in the central market in my town.

But if you want to find something out of the ordinary, you probably won't find it here. You'll need to search a little further away...

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