Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring lamb (Αρνάκι)

Last chance to buy, before the most important religious festival in Greece takes place tomorrow...

easter lamb 2009

Spring lamb is the order of the day for Easter. Roasting the whole lamb on the spit is the most popular choice of meal, but small family groups (like ours) will cook a roast instead, served alongside a range of traditional Easter favorites like kalitsounia and Easter meat pie. Beware of over-indulgence! This often happens after a fasting period, which is probably practiced for health reasons these days just as much for its purely religious significance (which, in any case, ritualised the health aspect of fasting in older times).

There is no shyness when it comes to selling meat in Greece. This photo was taken a few days ago at one of the biggest supermarkets in Hania. The local butcher in a village will display his wares in a similar fashion.

This photograph highlights the fact that all parts of the lamb are used; nothing is wasted. A traditional Easter recipe is associated with each part of the animal, even the intestines. Some of them are quite laborious but these days, with easier storage facilities, it is not a difficult task to partly prepare each of these delicacies in advance (so important for the busy household in which both spouses are working) and freeze them for cooking at a more convenient time.

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