Monday, 24 August 2009

Salata Zonianon (Σαλάτα Ζονιανών)

- Hello?
- Oh, how ya doing?
- Nothing much, how about you?
- Yeah, it's really hot here too.
- No, I haven't seen anyone lately, have you?
- Oh, not much really, you know, we just go to the beach, the fields, you know, just the usual stuff.
- Oh, we also went to a taverna the other day, too. Saw cousin George there.
- Yeah, he was there with all the family, they all looked well and happy.
- Well, he told me that he cut the hoses off the taps to our fields.
- No, I don't mean his fields, I mean our fields, you know, the ones our forefathers' ones.
- To stop the fields from being irrigated.
- 'Cos someone's growing some horta up there.
- Green horta. Highly sought after on the market; they fetch a much higher price than olives and oranges.
- Yeah, that's right, salata Zonianon.
- No, I'm not sure, I wouldn't know, but I take it he's probably not lying.
- Well, I don't know if they need to be watered, I've never tried growing the stuff myself! In any case, the place is full of stones, you remember that, so it's completely stoned there, I guess...
- I don't find it funny, either, I'm not laughing!
- I don't know who's doing this, and I don't think I'm going to find out easily.
- Of course I haven't been up there, neither of us know the way!
- With you, when Mum died.
- No, I wouldn't be able to recognise it. Have you ever seen the stuff yourself?!
- See, there you go. In any case, we won't be able to get a good glimpse of it now, cos it's all dried up apparently.
- George told me, who else?
- Absolutely nothing. I don't want my car blown up. Anyway, it's over, I suppose. Maybe they don't want to be seen reconnecting the hose pipes.
- No, that's about it, nothing else. Nothing much happens round here. How are the kids?

If you don't visit your fields very often, you really don't know what might be going on there. You could even be blamed inadvertently for what might be going on there without your knowledge or approval. No photo today - but I would love to have seen it.

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