Saturday, 24 October 2009

Chocolate chip cookies revisited (Και πάλι κούκιζ)

The last of the chocolate chip cookie dough that I had made recently was frozen in little balls, ready to be cooked, after thawing a little (I simply defrosted them without allowing them to thaw completely). I thought I would be glad to see the last of them, after all that strife they caused me when I first made them. Even if our dog were to enjoy most of them this time round, at least the freezer would be cleared and I would have more space for more 'useful' things.

"These ones are better, Mum."

This did not happen, after all. This time, I followed the advice of all the people who commented, and made a crispier version of these cookies (as opposed to biscuits!), the more preferable cookie/biscuit texture for the Greek palate. (Mine burnt around the outer rim, but we simply chopped off the slightly blackened bits. If I had watched over them more carefully, I could have avoided this.) And yes, success! They were good - perhaps, a little too big, but delicious all the same (Greek cookies are smaller, just big enough to dunk in milk or coffee, enjoying two or three in one sitting.)

Chocolate chip cookies can also be bought very cheaply at the supermarket (the red packet was on a buy-one-get-one-free special at 0.69 cents). They are completely different in taste to the home-made version of this American favorite, made for the Greek palate.

These cookies are a wonderful alternative to our normal breakfast, preferably on a cold Saturday morning, when they can be served warm. The dough can be frozen, ready to cook whenever you want, and chocolate chip cookies do not need a long cooking time, even if you prefer them crispy. The recipe does not need to be changed; the cooking method needs to be altered to suit the culinary customs of the eaters.

Thanks to everyone who commented and helped me to enjoy the globalised chocolate chip cookie in its freshest form.

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