Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Live cook show (Μαγειρεύω τώρα!)

Join me in half an hour (8:00pm Greek time) when I make souvlaki yiro!

You need:
some greek pita bread, some leftover cold roast meat of your choice (sausages will also do), some tomato, some onion, some parsley, some strained Greek yoghurt, a potato, paprika, olive oil

Your mise en place for souvlaki yiro

Now for the hardware:
a small frying pan, a larger frying pan, some greaseproof paper cut in a square larger than the pita bread, a large paper napkin, the usual kitchen cooking and serving utensils

Check back at 8pm (Greek time)!

8.00pm: The news just began on the telly, therefore, it's show time. OK, keeping everything separate, chop up your meat into small small sliced chunks, slice your washed tomato, clean the onion and slice it thinly, chop up the parsley finely and add it to the onion, and chip your potato - I'm making yiro for four, so I'm using two potatoes.

8.06pm: Whoops, did I forget to tell you to heat up the oil in the large frying pan? Do that while you're chopping up the veges and meat. (Vegetarians can join in the fun too - they just won't be eating the real thing.)

I've place the meat in the small frying pan to be ready when I start heating it up - remember, it's already cooked since it's leftover meat, so it won't need any cooking, just heating up.

8.13pm: Now wait till the oil is smoky hot before you fry the chips, otherwise, they'll go soggy and take forever to cook. In the meantime, wash the chips to get rid of starch, then salt them very lightly and let them drain well.

8.16pm: My oil's smoking hot, so I've just added the chips.

8.27pm: Mmm, don't they look good? Don't eat them just yet - take them out of the oil, don't let them drain too much, and put them aside (no pecking).
Cooking and blogging at the same time (is fun!)

8.32pm: Now turn on the heat under the small sauce pan and start heating up the sliced meat chunks. You only want your meat to heat through, so don't let it cook on its own for too long. Keep turning it over in the pan. Don't add oil or seasonings since it's leftover meat or ready spiced sausage.

8.40pm: My meat looks done. What do you think?

8.45pm: Now for the fiddly bit. Drain the large saucepan of oil. Put the oil aside for frying potatoes or something else another.

8.46pm: Heat the large sauce pan and place one pita on it. Don't add more oil to the pan at this point.
8.47pm: Turn the pita over onto the other side. Cook that too and watch it - it'll be ready in a minute!

8.50pm: Did I tell you that this is a dirty job?!

8.51pm: I'm cooking the third pita. Repeat the process for each pita separately (I know, i hate this bit too), oiling the pan with a tablespoon on oil each time you change pitas.

8.52pm: Hi Natalia!

8.59pm: Still hanging on in there! Now for assembly time! The pictures speak for themselves!

Place the pita on the greaseproof paper. Place layers of the different ingredients on top. Wrap the paper around the pita folding the pita slightly. Then wrap the paper napkin arounf the greaseproof paper - this is how it is done at souvlaki shops.

9.05pm: Yes, Natalia, you can cook the pitas in the oven. This is healthier (but not the real thing!!!!)

9.10pm: Tada!

Top with yoghurt (or tzatziki) and sprinkle a little paprika on top.
Tastes just as good as the real souvlaki shop pita yiro!

9.21pm: Thanks for joining me - this was really fun! And here's the maid cleaning up for me:

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