Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kiwi chow (Εισαγόμενo φαγητό από την Νέα Ζηλανδία)

New Zealand and Australia celebrate Anzac Day today. With this opportunity to remember my homeland, here's a selection of Kiwi food that I can buy here in Crete, straight from the mother country. These products are all available from our local supermarkets, and they make an appearance in my house every now and then, more for nostalgic reasons than anything else.

fresh produce october hania chania
Zespri kiwifruit - kiwifruit is also grown in Northern Greece, as well as Crete, but I confess to being a bit biased to the kiwi version...

New Zealand lamb is available in the frozen section of nearly all Greek supermarkets. It bears little resemblance to local Cretan lamb, but I prefer it NZ lamb because it is larger and hence meatier, and cooks to a succulent consistency, retaining its juices and taste even when served as the next day's leftovers (this isn't quite the case with Cretan meat).

wild pig and imported nz deer
Here's one of the funnier sides of imported  NZ food; marinated deer - at 24.65 euro a kilo, there will probably be few takers of this delicacy, which is evident from the discount: buy one, get one free...

Frozen seafood products from NZ are commonly found at the supermarket - they are usually bigger and cheaper than similar Greek products, mainly due to their abundance in other parts of the world. Pictured above are what is known in Greece as thrapsala (a cheap kind of kalamari-squid), fished in the Pacific.

Here's one I haven't had in a while: I bought this for purely sentimental reasons, taking me back to my university student days when these were a fashion in the food scene in NZ.

New Zealand cuisine is known for its use of fresh ingredients and barbecued meats rather than for any particular dish, with the exception of the pavlova dessert and a few other sweet treats which can all be made in Crete using imported and local ingredients, so if a Kiwi comes to live in Crete, there will be little that they will miss culinarily speaking, unless of course they crave for something like pineapple lumps and peanut slabs, which haven't quite made it into the Greek snack spectrum.

Click on this link to see how a recent Greek arrival in The Land of the Long White Cloud made Greek food using local kiwi products.

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