Thursday, 20 May 2010

Quiz! (Κουίζ!)

I wonder what you have been learning all this time that you have been reading my blog. It's time (once again) for a quiz to sharpen the mind; all the answers to the question can be found by looking through older posts.

1. What fruit grows on this tree? They will be ready to be picked from October onwards.
1.CIMG9183 2.CIMG9184
2. What fruit grows on this tree (despite the fact that we have not seen any on it yet while it has been growing in our garden)?

3. Can you name the four edible herbs common to Greek cooking that are pictured in this photo?
3.CIMG9182 4.CIMG9179
4. To what herb do those little white flowers belong to?

5. What has just been lopped off here?
5.CIMG9180 6.CIMG9181
6. And what was hacked off there?

7. Is it a man? Is it a Cretan? Yes, and what else is it?
7.cretan man 8.gavros and horta
8. What species of horta are these greens?

9. What is the main use of this plant?
9.perlagonium 10.seasonal produce
10. What species of fruit and vegetables can you see in this photo? (Disregard the chicken's foot.)

11. Where is this citrus fruit more commonly found?
11.kumquat tree 12.CIMG5867
12. What do I forage from this corner?

13. What is this bulb used for?
13.CIMG6857 14.CIMG9185
14. Why has this peck of peppers not been pickled?

Leave a comment on this post with the answers to any (or all) of the questions and you may win this book by Myrsini Lambraki, a Greek celebrity chef well-known in the food world for her book about wild Cretan greens, and her interest in Cretan cuisine in general...

... which is filled with aromas and taste from Crete. Many of the recipes are similar to my own ones. Now you won't have to drag the laptop in the kitchen or print out the recipe when you want to cook Cretan food.

This competition will run for the next ten days. The winner will be announced at the end of the period, where I will also give the answers. If you want to take part, please make sure I can track you down (ie don't leave an anonymous comment). The winner will be picked randomly, even if they don't know all the answers; hey, neither did I until I came to live here!

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