Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So when the government decides to take out a loan with the IMF, and the deal is signed and done, that's when the unions (damn them) tell their members to go on strike. So they close all the public services and the schools, and the journalists stage a news blackout in the whole country, so that the citizens have to rely on the foreign press to hear what's happening in their own damn country. And everyone goes for a long walk in the centre of Athens staging a peaceful uneventful demonstration. But in amongst the strollers with their banners telling the IMF to go home, there are fucking hoons who have nothing better to do and don't even know what the demonstration is about. They just want to let off their firecrackers, which they do, in a building that houses a bank. And no one know what the fuck is going on (unless they live down the road or something like that). And then three bank employees in their 30s die in the ensuing fire, and that's when the keepers of the news decide to break people's news fasts and tell them what's happening in their own country - because if they don't hear it in the emotional sympathetic voice of their own lyrical language, then they'll just have to take the word of the foreign press that this is what's happening in their own country, and they don't need to hear it over next morning's breakfast while they're watching the news as they drink their coffee, do they?

When Greek journalists go on strike, they deny the right of the ordinary Greek citizens to find about what's going on in their own country. If it weren't for those three deaths in the bank fire during the protests, they'd still be on strike - what made them change their minds and start reporting the news after all? The severity of the case or the shame of starving Greek citizens the right to know what is happening in their country from their own people, and forcing them to turn to the foreign press???

From now on, the fifth of May in Greece will be associated with the blatant irresponsibility of that handful who don't want to grow up and simply continue to refuse to stop abusing a system that could work if only they let it.

Visiting Greece this summer? Have a good holiday then.