Monday, 31 May 2010

Winner! (Νικητής!)

Here are the answers to the quiz in the previous post.

1. This is the pomegranate tree in our garden. I took the photo just before it began to sport its pretty red-pink blooms.
1.CIMG9183 2.CIMG9184
2. This is our lychee tree; it has not produced any fruits yet (look at how big it is!), but we have seen success with other growers in the area, who have told us that it can take p to 5 years before fruits appear for the first time.

3. The willowy herb is fennel, the leafy one is parsley, nettles can also be seen, as well as a tiny sprig of mint in the earthy patch at the back.
3.CIMG9182 4.CIMG9179
4. This is the rocket (arugula) herb, in amongst the nettles, all ready to bloom and go to seed.

5. These are the remains of a cauliflower plant, which have long leaves that look like huge green tongues.
5.CIMG9180 6.CIMG9181
6. Broccoli plants look like cauliflower plants, but their leaves are curlier.

7. Is it a man? Yes! Is it a Cretan? Yes! And - it's also a watermelon carving.
7.cretan man 8.gavros and horta
8. These horta are vlita (amaranth) greens; they grow in the summer, when this photograph was taken.

9. Perlagonium is used to fragrance spoons sweets like quince, grape and bitter orange.
9.perlagonium 10.seasonal produce
10. The orange fruit is tamarillo, the red fruit is persimmon, and the little red flowers are a kind of ornamental pepper.

11. Kumquat is grown commercially on the island of Kerkira. It grows well here too, but its culinary uses are relatively unknown.
11.kumquat tree 12.CIMG5867
12. This is a pumpkin vine by the roadside, and I used to harvest the squash flowers from it, but I won't be able to find it again, because the road was recently paved and footpathed, so the soil will have been turned over so many times and finally cemented, that this vine won't grow wild here again.

13. This bulb is a squill. It has no culinary use; not even animals eat it. It is a New Year's good luck charm.
13.CIMG6857 14.CIMG9185
14. Well, this one is a sad story... Our very sick neighbour planted these peppers, but he had a terminal illness, and his family has little interest in gardening, so here the peppers stayed, and they went to seed, so I expect to watch another bumper pepper crop blooming here soon in its place; long live Vasili...

Thanks to all for taking part in the fun. The winner was chosen by random number generator programme which can be found on - thanks to Joanna at for the idea. 15 people left a comment, so the numbers entered in the programme were 1 and 15.

And the winner is number 5 - the fifth person to comment on the blog post is Maria from 

Congratulations! Now email me your address (mverivaki at hotmail dot com) and I'll send you the book.

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