Monday, 30 August 2010

My first salad (Η πρώτη μου σαλάτα)

Hello. My name is Christine. I live in Hania. I'm eight years old and I have one older brother. My father is a taxi driver but when he isn't driving, he likes to work in the garden. My mother likes to cook everything that grows in the garden. I like cooking too. I'm still too young to cook everything by myself, but I like to help my mother in the kitchen. Today, I made my first salad - all by myself.

First, I picked some tomatoes, from the garden...

... and washed them in the kitchen sink...

Then I cut off the green part of the tomato where the stem is attached to the plant and threw it away...

Then I cut the tomatoes in half...

... and cut each half into smaller pieces, and put them all on a plate.

Then I poured some olive oil and sprinkled a little salt over them.

My brother laid the table, and I placed my tomato salad in the middle...
... and we all ate it (except for my brother, because he doesn't eat coloured food) with our boureki (except for my brother again, because it;s got green things in it - my mother sometimes cooks special meals for him, like today: he's having lentils).

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