Saturday, 16 October 2010

Greek Food bloggers' camp (Μπλογκ)

The first Greek food bloggers' camp has now taken place. It was a meeting of like-minded people who have all been working on their food blogs without having received any payment for their efforts.

Everyone who wanted to participate in this event was able to do so from wherever they found themselves, as the event was broadcast live through livestream, and the participants could be linked to the event by skype.

The event can only be described as a wild success. After an initial presentation by the bloggers who wished to introduce themselves live at the event, some link-ups were made to distance bloggers (myself included), and the event continued with the presentations of well-known Greek professional chefs and other experts who gave their advice on topics of concern to food bloggers, such as: food photography, wine matching and presenting a recipe on television, among others.

A big congratulations to the organisers of the event, Vicky Komantou and George Detsis, and best wishes for the next year's camp!