Monday, 5 September 2011

Wortelcake (Κέικ καρότο)

While I'm away on a short break, I've posted this recipe to remind me of what I have to start doing when I get back home and Greek schools open for the new term. Cupcakes and muffins with added fibre are perfect for healthy school lunches.

A Dutch friend put up a recipe on her facebook page. I had no idea what the recipe was for, since she had no pictures attached to the recipe. All I recognised was the word 'cake'. Here is what I saw on the screen:

-200 gr geraspte wortel
-geraspte citroenschil
-3 ei
-125 gr witte en bruine suiker
-150 gr gesmolten boter
-225 gr zelfrijzend bakmeel
-2 afgestreken theel. kaneel
- snufje zout
-125 gr gewelde rozijnen (of in reepjes gesneden gedr. vijgen, walnoten)

-oven op 175 gr.
-wortel, citroenrasp, eieren, gesm. boter, suiker mengen
-voeg toe: zelfr. bakmeel, kaneel, zout, meng weer
-voeg toe: rozijnen (noten)
-cakevorm invetten, bestuiven, mengsel erin, 45 min. bakken tot gaar.
-1x vanillesuiker
-50 gr poedersuiker
-50 gr roomboter
-1 pakje Philadelfia creamcheese (125 gr)
door elkaar roeren, op cake smeren en 15 min. in koelkast*

wortel cake muffin

Using this recipe, I made the best carrot cake muffins ever: moist, delicious, perfect. Instead of rozijnen, I used dried blueberries, and instead of creamcheese my own natural-coloured beetroot-strawberry jam icing. Isn't Google translate great?!

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