Friday, 27 January 2012

Cheap 'n' Greek 'n' frugal: Yiouvetsi (Οικονομικό γιουβέτσι)

Prices are in euro (valid in Hania). All ingredients are Greek or locally sourced; those marked with * are considered frugal here because they are cheap and/or people have their own supplies. 

Remember that cheap 'n' Greek 'n' not-so-frugal beef stiado you made last week? It was quite filling, so there must have been a portion left over, right? Well, that's all you need to make this very filling pasta dish: just one regular portion of well-cooked beef (or rabbit) stifado.

Frugal yiouvetsi (serves 4)
leftover stifado (beef or rabbit stew) (you've already cooked and saved that from a previous meal)
400g elbow macaroni (0.50 cents)
some salt (optional)

If you're going to use leftover rabbit stifado, first take the bones out of the rabbit - it will be uncomfortable for your eaters otherwise, and shred the meat. Throw away only the bones - don't throw away the sauce that the meat was cooked in. If you use beef stifado, mash up the meat in the sauce. For each hungry eater, add one cup of water to the meat, and 75g-100 elbow macaroni. Boil the pasta till done. If the pasta needs more water to cook in, add only a small amount, so as not to make the stew too soupy.

You might need to add a bit of salt once the pasta is cooked. These leftovers also work well with orzo rice pasta, used in the traditional Greek youvetsi.

Total cost of meal: less than 1 euro per person - the meat was, in essence, included in the cost of a previous meal. 

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