Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dutch donuts - oliebollen (Ολλανδέζικα ντόνατ)

It's Chinese New Year's Day tomorrow, and the Year of the Dragon begins. As with most cultural celebrations, symbolic food will be cooked and eaten: 

New Year's days are associated with special dishes in most cultures of the world. Here is a Dutch New Year's treat: oliebollen. Tomorrow's Chinese New Year's Day is a good excuse to make them as any other.


Oliebollen are a no-fuss way to make donuts. The original recipe includes currants, raisins and finely chopped apples, but I didn't have these on hand; instead, I used finely chopped Greek quince spoon sweet and a finely cubed banana. These donuts aren't too sweet and they make a really nice evening snack for a cold evening. Because they contain yeast, the batter needs some time to rise, so you need to be a bit organised. 

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