Thursday, 12 January 2012

Olive oil based choux pastry filled with Cretan tastes (Κρητικές γεύσεις)

A friend's son was celebrating his birthday last week and my children were invited. We have very little money to spend now on presents, so I decided to make some party food. I made some olive-oil based choux balls, and decided to fill them with a savoury filling.

The choux balls were made according to this recipe, but the butter was replaced by olive oil, which yielded a softer texture. Olive oil can replace butter in any recipe, but it must be good quality, otherwise the taste could easily be spoiled. Most olive oils sold by major supermarkets under their own private label wouldn't be good choices for this sort of thing.

The cream filling contained a mixture of mizithra (local curd cheese) and Greek strained yoghurt (to make it into a smooth paste), with some finely grated carrot and just a little finely grated garlic to give the taste of tzatziki. After spooning the filling into the choux balls, I added a sliver of finely sliced apaki, traditional Cretan smoked pork. For extra effect, I chopped up some parsley super finely, and sprinkled it over the finished pile.

These choux balls are very versatile; even as savouries, they could be made into a croquembouche.

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