Thursday, 9 February 2012

Garlic breath (Σκορδίλα)

Every now and then, my daughter comes home from school, complaining about her lunchbox. "All you give us to eat at break is home-made cake and fruit and an orange instead of juice!" she whined. Yeah, that's all I give them to eat. I'm a bad mother. Other kids at school bring packeted treats like potato crisps, tetrapak orange juice and bake rolls. "Now everyone's calling me stingy because I never bring anything to school and everyone else does and they treat each other except me!"

"You know how unhealthy that junk is," I remind her, "and anyway, we eat crisps and we drink soda at home every now and then." She whined a bit more before things calmed down and we forgot about the incident.

The other day when I picked her up from school, she mentioned her lunchbox contents again, but this time she was smiling. "You were right, Mum," she beamed at me (and of course, I beamed back), "bake rolls really are bad for you." She proceeded to tell me that one of her classmates had opened a packet and passed it round in the class during morning break, and when the teacher came back to the classroom after interval, she complained that the whole room stunk of a greasy garlic smell, so she opened the windows to get rid of the stench, but everyone who ate some of those bake rolls still smelt of it because it's very hard to get rid of garlic breath when you don't bring anything else to eat at school, not even an orange, which the school is surrounded by in the neighbouring fields.

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