Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love, actually (Έρωτας)

I met my husband through family friends. He never bought me presents or flowers. We never bought each other Christmas or birthday presents. Before we got married, he once bought me a plant for my garden on my nameday, so I bought him a plant for his garden on his nameday in reciprocation. One Valentine's Day, I do remember getting a really flimsy-looking single rose, which I suppose may have been the cheapest offering at the florist's. To show him that I believed he'd wasted his money, I didn't buy him anything.

After that, we realised that there was no need to spend money on each other to prove that we were thinking about each other on a particular day of the year; at any rate, we have each other on our mind every day of the year. We've obviously saved a lot of money being stingy in this way, but we're still happily together by choice.

Happy Valentine's Day, if indeed you do celebrate it.

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