Friday, 10 February 2012

Not enough (Όχι αρκετά)

It's Friday morning, and Jean-Claude Juncker, the prime minister of Luxembourg who chairs the Eurogroup, is adamant that last night*, "Greece had not done enough" (7.49am).

Twitter: Alεxandros @greekdude "Πριν 2 χρόνια μιλάγαμε για γενιά των 700 ευρώ χαχαχαχα"

What is Greece supposed to do to show that she is doing enough?
What are Greeks supposed to do to show that they are doing enough?
What am I and every other Greek individual supposed to do to show that I am doing enough?
While Greece is 'doing nothing', the Greeks themselves are simply being bled dry.
They have nothing left to give up any more, except themselves.

BBC: Greece cannot service its huge debt, and there are fears that a default could endanger Europe's financial stability and even lead to a break-up of the Eurozone.

If the euro needs Greece to save it at the same time that Greece is being bled dry, then fuck the euro.
I refuse to give myself up to save that euro.
Let Greece give up the euro and just go back to the drachma. It's all the same to Greece: whether it's euro or drachma, it makes little difference to her at this late stage.

PASOK MP Pavlos Stasinos, Deputy Labor Minister Yiannis Koutsoukos, PASOK lawmaker, New Democracy deputy Yiannis Manolis have all resigned; no one is forcing Greece out of the euro, but the euro will just have to make do without Greece. LAOS**, the far-right junior party in Lucas Papademos's coalition government, might quit the administration.

If the troika has had enough of Greece, it must now be pretty obvious that Greece has had enough of the troika.

Let Greece go, Juncker, Merkel, whoever. 
Stop trying to kill her. 
She won't let you kill her that easily, anyway.

Euro or drachma, this wholesome delicious colourful meal will still be within my reach

 *Strike action in Greece is now being announced too quickly for the state sector employees to take action with any sense of foresight. My kids are both at school today; as usual, the private sector went to work. I am particularly intrigued by the marches that are scheduled in the town centre of Hania,due to take place at the weekend: they will certainly liven up the place.

**Twitter: @NickMalkoutzis - LAOS chief Karatzaferis to hold presser after meeting President. Will announce national tour of Cavafy recitals to Beatles backing track.

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