Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Burger lunch (Μπούργκερ)

Making tasty food is not difficult for me, but I am lax about the way I photograph the finished dishes. I've been thinking about how to make my food photos look more delectable, without detracting from the focus of cooking a tasty healthy meal (that will always priority).

TO give my really good food a really good look, I need good props. There is one part of my environment that I haven't really used in my food photography: the landscape. I am going to try to take my food to a 'real' environment, which involves one simple step - moving outdoors. This led me to ask myself why I hadn't thought of that before instead of using my dreary cold kitchen which desperately needs a paint job. A good excuse is the weather (we've had the heaviest longest-lasting in winter in at least a decade). 

Here's my first attempt at taking my food outdoors: a pan-fried vegan bean burger, some home-made apricot chutney, fresh cheese (anthotiro) made from sheep's milk, a toasted wholemeal bun, and an olive grove.

It rarely gets better than this in Crete, except in summer, when you can have your lunch by the sea.

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