Sunday, 18 March 2012

Heat and eat (Το έτοιμο)

I used to like cleaning my house. But these days, it never seems clean, no matter how often I clean it. The weekend is the only time most people have to spare for putting their house in order. Just lately, with the amount of work we put into collecting firewood and food preparation, coupled with the very bad weather and some illnesses due to the cold, the housework became low priority. It has now taken on insurmountable proportions.

Then there's the war (aka the economic crisis) that affects everyone's life, not just financially, but socially and psychologically. Sometimes, I simply cannot be bothered doing the basic housework that I used to take pride in. That includes cooking.

Rotisserie chicken, gigandes, Greek peaches - serves four, costs ~10 euro. The chicken and beans can be heated together in the oven (or microwave), for a more home-cooked look.
This is about the most expensive meal I have 'cooked' during a week-day.

On days like these, there's always the supermarket heat-and-eat shelves. You can still keep your meal very Greek and non-junk related. It will still look and taste like a Greek meal. The added bonus: you free up your time. Nowadays, we all want to have free time to enjoy the modern world we live in. Housework will have to wait until spring sets in for good.

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