Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pretty in pink (Poζ)

Sometimes a colour makes an unexpected impact in our food. Bright pinks and purples are subdued against a green background.

Calamari with garden greens

Beetroot leaves with spring onion

Beetroot tzatziki served with a green salad

Souvlaki before it's grilled

The onion seller comes by every summer

In Greece, beets are always served with their pink and green tops

The different shades of pink in this food need a green background to calm them down

Edible flowers in a green salad

Barbounofasola - they lose all traces of their pink colour when cooked

Freshly picked radishes

Kidney beans and peas

Pomegranate amidst salad greens

An open fig among the fig tree's foliage

Salami sitting in the shade of an olive grove

Pink and green - spring in all its glory

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