Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Taste Greek:

A slightly new venture for me - Taste Greek: documenting online Greek food suppliers.

Black Truffle Slices in Olive Oil  45grI associate truffles with France because of all the hype surrounding them during the peak foraging season. But did you know that truffles also grow in Greece, just like they do in France, and they are sold as a luxury Greek product?

Black truffles are an expensive commodity which, like caviar, have their own very limited season and restricted habitat, so we don't all have the chance to indulge in them when they first hit the market. But of course, they don't hit the market at all, because truffles are a luxury product that are harvested in relative secrecy and then get processed for a specific market.

The only way that we mere mortals will be able to try black truffles is by buying them preserved in olive oil and salt. sells black truffles with no added preservatives. The small quantity means that it won't stay long on your kitchen shelves. It also makes a nice gift to a food friend. Enjoy!

Press Release: - The Quality Greek Food Products Now Also Available Abroad - is a new venture put together by Greek entrepreneurs, who despite the current wave of events wish to invest on the export of Greek food products. Greek Food Shop aims to render quality Greek products accessible to consumers of other countries, like olive oil, Greek wines and more, all those who appreciate Greek cuisine and seek premium quality in every product. The Greek Food Shop connoisseurs apply rigorous quality control methods in order to select the best products, which are sent off right at the consumer’s doorstep, by just one click. For more information about the Greek Food Shop products please visit Check them out on facebook, too.

NB: Although I am unlikely to buy from them, I often browse online Greek food suppliers for items unknown to me. If I like what I see, and I've dealt personally with the people behind the e-shop, I write a review. I don't personally gain or profit from writing such reviews, so everything expressed in this post is my opinion alone. If you are a Greek food supplier, and would like your online site reviewed, feel free to contact me: mverivaki at hotmail dot com.

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