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Taste Greek: Mani - Blauel Greek Organic Products

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Mani-Blauel Greek Organic Products
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most sought-after supermarket commodities in the world. Olive oil is also under great scrutiny these days since the olive oil labelling scam was uncovered, involving unscrupulous tactics on the part of some bottlers. One way to be sure that you are buying high-quality olive oil is to buy it straight from the source, from the producers themselves.

Mani-Blauel prides themselves on the high acclaim that their olive oils have been awarded with for the last few years. Mani Bläuel's latest accomplishment is an award by Extrascape, which is the first international competition that awards not only the best extra virgin olive oils, but also the best olive landscapes. Fritz Blauel's motto for his company states:
Hardly anything is more boring than doing business just for money.
Hardly anything is more fun than doing business out of love for the world
Press Release:
Mani-Bläuel's roots stem back to the late 1970s and its organic cultivation program for olive trees has been running since the mid-80s. It is the oldest and largest farming project of its kind in Greece and has been awarded many times recently and in previous years.

The ManiBlauel team

Perhaps you already know a lot about olives, or maybe you're only familiar with the basics... Do you know, for example, how many factors are involved in harvesting and producing extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality? Or why Koroneïki olive trees yield the best olive oil on the planet?

Have a look at our website: you can read about this and the broader benefits of organic agriculture. If you're just simply after some delicious, healthy condiments, take a sneak peek at our products: we don't just produce organic olive oil! And if you'd like to buy something, hyper-jump directly to our e-shop.

NB: Although I am unlikely to buy from them, I often browse online Greek food suppliers for items unknown to me. If I like what I see, and I've dealt personally with the people behind the e-shop, I write a review. I don't personally gain or profit from writing such reviews, so everything expressed in this post is my opinion alone. If you are a Greek food supplier, and would like your online site reviewed, feel free to contact me: mverivaki at hotmail dot com.

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