Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Taste Greek:

Taste Greek: documenting online Greek food suppliers.

ILIADA Green Olives stuffed with tzatziki

The only olives I eat are from Crete. This is not just due to a personal bias; Crete is one of the most important olive growing areas in the world. Therefore, it's only natural that some of the best olives will be grown here.

Cretans happen to be very traditional in their food beliefs. So the idea of filled or marinated olives isn't a popular one among the main producers and olive processors. Even though you will find these products being sold in many Cretan supermarkets, you won't find them in the bulk displays of the the traditional food suppliers of the town markets.

Flavoured olives are a refined taste. They are the kind of luxury morsel that you want to have to accompany a good beer or wine. Such flavours are meant to be enjoyed alone, rather than mixed in with too many other foods, where their taste cannot be appreciated.

A lot of new flavours in Greek food have come on the market, combining the aromas and scents that people often associate with Greek food. Taste Greece sells green olives stuffed with tzatziki and preserved in sunflower oil for a lighter taste - a 100% natural product with no added preservatives. Enjoy!

Press Release:
Tastegreece Food Trading Limited is a new family business, run by the Montes families that have recently moved from Greece to New Zealand. Having a strong background in the media and marketing sector, they decided to research all Greece and find the best products that could be offered to the New Zealand market, always considering the best quality/cost relationship. Their Greek olive oils are the ones they would consume in their households and naturally, they consume a lot!
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NB: Although I am unlikely to buy from them, I often browse online Greek food suppliers for items unknown to me. If I like what I see, and I've dealt personally with the people behind the e-shop, I write a review. I don't personally gain or profit from writing such reviews, so everything expressed in this post is my opinion alone. If you are a Greek food supplier, and would like your online site reviewed, feel free to contact me: mverivaki at hotmail dot com.

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