Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Free food (Δωρεάν φαγητό)

Today I had the opportunity to work from home, which gave me the chance to juggle proof-reading a graduate thesis about delaying tomato ripening, and preparing garden vegetables for our meals. My husband's preference is for classic Greek summer dishes like garden-grown horta with (more garden-grown) zucchini and potatoes...

... but I preferred to make a tasty Asian stir-fry with the same ingredients.

Both dishes are relatively light, especially important now with the increasing summer heat. We delayed our evening meal until the sun had set - more garden vegetables, some eaten raw as is, while others were processed into something more delectable, supplemented by some sausages and marinated anchovies.

These dishes composed today's meals in my house, on this day when many people were queuing up this morning in Athens at a central square...

Πεδίον του Άρεως - Pedion tou Areos Square, Athens

... to get a box full of vegetables for free, containing tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and peppers, with the generosity of the agricultural cooperative Anatoli from Ierapetra, Crete. 2700 boxes were distributed among the needy, 1500 of those going first to the most destitute, with the purpose of not only helping the poor, but also in an attempt to keep prices down at fair levels and to spread the word about supporting local produce.

In the countryside, your free food comes at the price of hard work - in the city, it comes with humiliation. 

You can watch a Reuters video (in English) illustrating this event

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