Saturday, 30 June 2012

Local products on special offer (Προσφορές)

The local supermarket chain, INKA, is having a specials week, selling various products at very low prices, at one of its branches which is celebrating its first birthday (Αν. Γογονή & Κ.Μάνου, the Gogoni store). These προσφορές (offers) started yesterday and will continue until the 9th of July  I grabbed the chance to go on an early morning shopping spree today, to pick up local products at very low prices:

Φρέσκο μαλακό τυρί Πηχτόγαλο Χανίων- πηχτόγαλο: pihtogalo is similar to the well-known PDO mizithra cheese - the former is sweeter and creamier, the latter more acidic and crumbly. The special offer is for a locally-branded vacuum-packed variety with an expiry date of November 2012; it is the kind of cheese we use to make dakos, a favorite local snack. (buy 400ml for €4.34, get 400ml free)

There was also another special for mizithra (curd) cheese, made locally and bagged in the amount the customer asks for. This usually costs about €7/kg. The special gave me a 25% discount. Mizithra cheese freezes incredibly well and it has a variety of uses - it is used in salads, as a pie filling and as a fresh cheese on bread products.

- ice-cream (παγωτό): high quality ice-cream made with fresh milk is available from zaharoplasteia, but it's expensive, usually around €8/kg. Non-branded locally made ice-cream is much cheaper, and it's the same thing as the expensive stuff. (buy 1 litre for €4.49, get 1L free)

stock photo : a french entrecote / steak / in pan, griddle
- σπαλομπριτζόλα (pork entrecote steaks): meat has suddenly become very expensive for the average pocket in Hania. I bought six medium-sized steaks for something like just over €1 each, with a 25% discount (they would normally have cost me €8.58).
- flour (αλεύρι), milled locally: with two 1kg packets of all-purpose flour, you get 500g of self-raising flour.
sfakianes pites
- σφακιανές πίτες: sfakianes pites are a local delicacy which I sometimes make and keep in the freezer. They are round pan-sized pies filled with mizithra cheese. They aren't cheap to buy ready made, as they are hand-crafted, but with today's special, I got one free (ΧΙΩΤΑΚΗΣ brand) for each one I bought. (buy 1 box with 4 pies for €5.17, get 1 box free). Funnily enough, the last time I bought these pies was when the same INKA branch was running a special on them (when it opened last year!).
If you live in Hania and you intend to go to the supermarket in the next ten days, you can catch these specials at the Gogoni St store for the next ten days. Remember to go early in the morning, when the store is well stocked (these specials run out fast during the day). There are also a number of other international brand products available and there is an in-store flyer available listing all the specials. For local products, the offers are worthwhile. I spent €85 at the supermarket today: without the specials, the total cost for these products (which I wouldn't have bought if they weren't on special) would have been €130. The products I bought on special alone would normally cost €85 without the offers.

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