Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Marida and garida (Μαρίδα και γαρίδα)

Fish is expensive; just look at the photo - koutsomoura (Barbatus barbatus) for €14/kg, European hake (bakaliaraki) for €12/kg. Tasty stuff, but not for everyone's pockets. When I saw this sign, I couldn't walk by the fishmonger's display without stopping to get my hands on it...:

... especially when I know that I can turn it into a right feast, something like this:

Marida and garida (γαριδα), served with sriracha sauce that I bought in Den Haag, and some home-made dolmathakia. 

Shrimps are now spawning (you can see this in the first picture - the shrimp is blue on its belly) and the fresh shrimp season is over until the autumn. 

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