Thursday, 21 June 2012

The return of Agapoula (Επιστροφή του Προεδρου-Αγαπούλα)

(I'm not really blogging - just another one of my sporadic posts; this telecommunications advertisement has just hit TV and it contains all the elements of the recent Greek political crisis.)

Agapoula's back - and we realise he hasn't changed; just like the old Greek government, which has now become the new Greek government.

The political innuendoes are too numerous to mention - from illegal immigrants washing windscreens at the crossroads to Friday's EURO 2012 match (Greece vs Germany). This ad seems to encompass all aspects of the political climate as it stands right now in Greece since the elections, especially emphasising the way people are feeling about the political situation in Greece.

PS: you've got to be pretty clued up on Greek politics to get this one from start to finish...